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Calligraphy Exhibition 2010
A Calligraphy Artist

Despite being a contemporary and pioneer, Syed Tahir Abbas Rizvi resembles the artists of the renaissance, who, as a rule, were skilled and multi-talented craftsmen. Being an artist has not kept him away from using this craftsmanship which shapes everything in his surroundings according to his own ideas. Syed is not a one-dimensional artist, who only paints. He is a Designer; he writes poetry and knows world music. He has been following the creative development in arts and literature with a thirst for knowledge that is impressive. He is a cultural man, working creatively in calligraphy painting, poetry, but who has, at the same time, also broadened his connection to other artistic forms of expression with great insight and affection. However, this has not stopped him from applying himself to other callings and fields of work. He knows about the delicate art of life, to which he devotes himself completely. He is a complex man who does not put up with just being an artist even though the fine arts have totally fascinated and enthralled him. He uses work in different and difficult professions as a means of asceticism. He has not shunned any efforts to achieve the deep humbleness of man when faced with the enigmatic nature of being.


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Syed Tahir Abbas Rizvi, Pakistan.